The Universe Within Podcast

I had the pleasure of participating in the fantastic podcast The Universe Within, with my dear friend Jason Grechanik. We met while working and living at The Temple of the Way of Light center in Peru. Working with him was always exciting and a pleasure to learn from his excellence and sense of humor.

Jason is doing fantastic work, generating spaces where knowledge is shared around topics such as master plant work, holistic health, martial arts, and ancestral cultures among other topics. In this way he gives voice to healers and doctors, guides, facilitators, anthropologists and an endless list of very interesting and expert people in their field of work.

I think his work is very important nowadays, as he disseminates high quality information on very interesting topics that sometimes are not available to everyone.

If you prefer to listen to the podcast you can do it here:

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Finally, I invite you to check out his work and if you feel inspired by it, to collaborate and support so that he can continue to make so much wisdom accessible:

Our conversation revolves around topics such as research, the integration process, dreams and archetypes.