I feel,
therefore I am.

The art of Liberating
the Tension and the Stress
from the Body


I feel,
therefore I am.

The art of Liberating
the Tension and the Stress
from the Body

Learning to listen and understand the information coming from the body empowers us and opens us to the human capacity for regeneration from within.

This is the space dedicated to the body within La Casa del Viento.

During the TRE® sessions, you can learn the exercises and later use the technique for yourself when necessary if you wish. One of the objectives of this method is that people can rediscover this tool and become self-sufficient.

With TRE® I invite you to experience the vibration of your own body.

What is TRE®?

TRE® ,Tension & Trauma Release Exercise, is a somatic method that activates a natural mechanism of the body called neurogenic vibration through a series of exercises.

Once these exercises have been completed, and lying on the floor, you may begin to feel vibrations or a tremor in the pelvic area and legs. Humans share this innate mechanism with other mammalian species.

Sesión TRE - Irene Pérez

The TRE® technique was developed by Dr. David Breceli, who has extensive experience in the field of trauma prevention and intervention work, stress reduction, resilience and recovery in areas of armed conflict and natural disasters. He created a series of exercises that allow the body to access this vibratory mechanism and therefore self-regulate.

He works internationally with both small groups and communities in order to teach this technique.

For more info:

This technique works directly on:

  • The effects of stress on the nervous and muscular system.
  • Deep tension patterns.
  • The regulation of the nervous system to reach states of calm and security.

With the practice of TRE®, the body is able to release tension, and the nervous system learns to self-regulate and return to a state of calm and tranquility. In this way, the effects of stress and tension can be worked through, namely:

  • chronic pain
  •  emotional instability and irritability
  •  muscle tension and overload
  • anxiety and sleep problems
  •  inflammation
  • apathy and blockage

of TRE®


Establishing a relationship of respect and recognition with our body leads us to live in a more peaceful and joyful way, rooted in the present moment.

Our body has the ability to learn to regulate the nervous system towards a state of safety and social connectedness. It is from this state that we are able to establish healthy and trusting relationships with other people and we are also able to develop our abilities creatively.

In order to learn the exercises, become familiar with the mechanism and start practicing safely at home, 3 to 6 sessions are recommended.

The initial benefits that can be gained from the practice are:

  •  Increased sense of inhabiting the body.
  •  Tranquility, mental calm, less reactivity and more vitality.
  • Decreased anxiety.

If the practice continues for several months, there have been cases where:

  • there has been improvement in inflammatory diseases;
  •  there has been improvement in muscle pain levels;
  • there has been improvement in the management of difficult emotions;
  •  there has been improvement in the quality of sleep;
  • there has been an increase in social skills, self-confidence and respect for other people;
  • improved ability to express oneself;
  •  reactive and distrustful behaviors have decreased.

Who is TRE® for?

TRE® can be beneficial in the following cases:

  • If the person is experiencing stress or anxiety.
  • When the person has lived through or witnessed traumatic events.
  • If the person experiences tension and contraction in the body, as well as inflammatory conditions.
  • Highly recommended for those professionals who work caring for others, whether as health professionals, teachers, labor and social education professionals, therapists and professionals of energetic disciplines.
  • Anyone who is curious to know his or her body more deeply and improve his or her well-being.

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Sessions can be held online or in person at the following locations:

Centro Mokxa en Barcelona
Espai Salut Mirasol, en Mirasol
ICA Institut Català de l’Ansietat en Sant Cugat
La Casa del Viento · La Casa del Vent

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Important Notice

TRE sessions are not a substitute for any medical or psychological therapy. Likewise, I do not and cannot give any advice regarding medical issues or treatments. Combining TRE sessions with psychological therapy can be very beneficial.