Irene Pérez Méndez

Art Therapist , TRE® Provider, anthropologist.

I have always found the study and investigation of the human experience fascinating. Over the years, I have come to understand the wonderful connection between body, mind and emotions and the unconscious, which form an inseparable whole.

Thanks to being part of La Maloka Association, which has been my home and school, I was initiated into the world of master plants and facilitation. Training as an art-therapist at the Inter-Art School in Barcelona allowed me to discover the magnificent potential of art transformation from the symbolic act. These two tools, Plants and Art, have helped me little by little to understand my fears, complexities and incoherencies, as well as my virtues. And they have allowed me to accompany others on this path.

I worked for many years as an educator. Children have taught me some very important lessons, above all to laugh at myself, as well as to look at adults in a different way.

I lived for 5 years in the Peruvian Amazon, working at The Temple of the Way of Light, a plant medicine center with the Shipibo people and learning with the mestizo healer Ernesto Garcia Torres. In Peru, I was involved in an ICEERS Foundation study on the long-term therapeutic effects of Ayahuasca on mental health and quality of life, which I coordinated.

During these years, I accompanied more than a thousand people in the process of reencountering oneself. People suffering from depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress as well as people on the path of personal growth. Apart from the good fortune of being able to work with ancestral traditions, I have had the opportunity to meet, share and nurture myself with different western professionals in the therapeutic field.

In 2019 I started training in the somatic practice of TRE® Tension & Trauma Release Exercise, in London. This technique has taught me to befriend my body, deepening my relationship with it.

One of my passions is to accompany people by creating a safe and welcoming environment in which to go deeper into oneself. Another is singing, and for years, creativity has been giving me songs that I a finally have the opportunity to share through the Samambaia project ( check it out down bellow or in the blog). I am also part of the Sangha of the Buddhist master Tich Naht Hanh, a beautiful community where silence and conscious presence through meditation are cultivated.

Irene Pérez
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Samambaia is how I express myself through my voice, my singing project.
Samambaia are chants that come from deep within, songs of hope.

If you like them you can listen to or purchase these and more songs on BandCamp,, or listen to them on SoundCloud.

La Casa del Viento · La Casa del Vent

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