Shortly after I started working with plants, songs started to arrive like beautiful drops of water. Finally I have the opportunity to start recording them and the Samambaia project can begin to sprout. Samambaia is the Brazilian name for the fern plant. I have always been fascinated by ferns and the beautiful way they unfurl and grow, and I love the sound of the word.

Samambaia has a friend, a very special teacher, without whom it could not have sprouted: Carlos Cruz. His magic and talent with the guitar and his creative ear makes it a pleasure and an honor to play with him. Thanks also to Marcel Botella and his recording studio, BCNTracks, for the production and the opportunity it gives us.

If you feel like listening, Samambaia is on SoundCloud and Bandcamp, where you can also collaborate.

Likewise, we are available to play if you are organizing an event where you think we can fit in! If you want to talk to us do not hesitate to contact us through the form on this webside.


Luz de Luna

This is a song to remember the power of the moon and its light, star of our soul, protector and healer of our heart. Both the melody and the lyrics came while I was watching a beautiful full moon in the jungle, the first night of 2015. I think I can say that the moon itself sang it to me.

Bona Nit, Lluna

This is a beautiful lullaby in Catalan, quiet and slow, dedicated to both children and adults. It was followed by the previous song, the same day, the same moment, the same moon.


Espai (Space) is a song in Catalan, delicate and deep, which as its name suggests, leads you to connect with that space of silence and vibration that we all have inside. This song arrived as a gift, literally, on demand. The mastery of Carlos Cruz with the guitar is definitely what this song needed.


The Panther comes to tell how important it is to integrate our shadow so that it becomes our ally. Received from the depths of the jungle in a personal moment of much work with all those parts that I denied and did not want to see in me.

Please call me by my true names

Version of the poem “Please call me by my true names” by the Buddhist master Thich Nhat Hanh. For me, like a flower opening infinitely. A song that connects me to the concept of spiritual community, practice and how these two things can give back to the heart in a very beautiful way.

Pantera (remix)

It has been a great fortune to have the collaboration of Egoitz Uriarte and his endless musical creativity, which transports us to the very heart of the jungle.