Art-therapeutic and somatic body accompaniment.
Preparation and integration for Plant Medicine work.
On site and on line sessions.

What I offer

Integral Therapeutic Accompaniment


In this type of therapeutic accompaniment, different disciplines come together to provide tools for exploration and discovery, helping us find new ways to relate to our body and psyche so that they can be our allies.

Tension & Trauma Release Exercise


TRE® is a somatic technique for the release of tension, stress and trauma that works directly on the regulation of the nervous system and the discharge of accumulated tension, helping us to reach a state of mental, emotional
and physical calm.

With TRE® I invite you to discover the vibration of your own body.
Master plants


In order to get the most out of experiences of expanded states of consciousness, and to better understand their meaning, adequate preparation for and integration of such experiences is vitally important.

If you are working with master plants, I can offer you my experience of 10 years in this field.

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A space to express your needs and see which option best suits you.
30 minutes

At La Casa del Viento you are invited to grow, you are invited to learn to inhabit your body in a conscious way, to breathe slowly.

La Casa del Viento is a space where you can find calm and silence within yourself.

En la Casa del Viento there is no hurry.

Irene Pérez Méndez


Irene Pérez Méndez

Art therapist, TRE® Provider and anthropologist.

Know all the theories. Master all the techniques, but when touching a human soul be just another human soul.

Carl G. Jung.

La Casa del Viento · La Casa del Vent

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