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The Shipibo Ceremonial Use of Ayahuasca to Promote Well-Being: An Observational Study

In the following link you can find the recently published paper of the study  lead by ICEERS Foundation in colaboration with The Beckley Foundation, in which I collaborated during my stay in Peru.

It is of vital importance to conduct scientific studies that address the use and effect of plants such as Ayahuasca within the field of mental health and wellness, as it is also crucial to take into account the indigenous worldviews surrounding the use of such plants, their knowledge systems and technology to address the disease.

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Samambaia eng


Shortly after I started working with plants, songs started to arrive like beautiful drops of water. Finally I have the opportunity to start recording them and the Samambaia project can begin to sprout. Samambaia is the Brazilian name for the fern plant. I have always been fascinated by ferns and the beautiful way they unfurl and grow, and I love the sound of the word.

Samambaia has a friend, a very special teacher, without whom it could not have sprouted: Carlos Cruz. His magic and talent with the guitar and his creative ear makes it a pleasure and an honor to play with him. Thanks also to Marcel Botella and his recording studio, BCNTracks, for the production and the opportunity it gives us.

If you feel like listening, Samambaia is on SoundCloud and Bandcamp, where you can also collaborate.

Likewise, we are available to play if you are organizing an event where you think we can fit in! If you want to talk to us do not hesitate to contact us through the form on this webside.


Luz de Luna

This is a song to remember the power of the moon and its light, star of our soul, protector and healer of our heart. Both the melody and the lyrics came while I was watching a beautiful full moon in the jungle, the first night of 2015. I think I can say that the moon itself sang it to me.

Bona Nit, Lluna

This is a beautiful lullaby in Catalan, quiet and slow, dedicated to both children and adults. It was followed by the previous song, the same day, the same moment, the same moon.


Espai (Space) is a song in Catalan, delicate and deep, which as its name suggests, leads you to connect with that space of silence and vibration that we all have inside. This song arrived as a gift, literally, on demand. The mastery of Carlos Cruz with the guitar is definitely what this song needed.


The Panther comes to tell how important it is to integrate our shadow so that it becomes our ally. Received from the depths of the jungle in a personal moment of much work with all those parts that I denied and did not want to see in me.

Please call me by my true names

Version of the poem “Please call me by my true names” by the Buddhist master Thich Nhat Hanh. For me, like a flower opening infinitely. A song that connects me to the concept of spiritual community, practice and how these two things can give back to the heart in a very beautiful way.

Pantera (remix)

It has been a great fortune to have the collaboration of Egoitz Uriarte and his endless musical creativity, which transports us to the very heart of the jungle.

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Art and Ayahuasca


I wrote this article in 2016 for the 18th number of the spanish magazine of Ulises, Revista de Viajes Interiores, while I was working as an Art-therapist at The Temple of the Way of Light center in Iquitos, Peru. In it you will find reflections on art as a path of learning and healing in close relation to Ayahuasca and the world of master plants. I hope you find it interesting.

Art helps us to transcend. The act of symbolizing was one of the elements that powered the evolution of the hominid to become human. Art helps to attract to the light of consciousness the hidden material of our unconscious. Art helps to integrate all those contents to be discovered, through an organic and natural process.

When working with Ayahuasca, one realizes that the language is often
that the language is often symbolic. The subtlety of the metaphor that this medicine provides is able to reach unsuspected corners of our being, and to
unsuspected corners of our being, influencing, sometimes almost secretly, the deepest beliefs and constructs about reality.

Like a seed it grows, filling the inner space. Although it must be said that, without the effort and commitment of oneself, which is like water and care for a garden, the seed becomes dormant.

photo by Irene Pérez
photo by Irene Pérez

It is very interesting and beneficial to use Art-therapy within the Ayahuasca process. Art as an accompaniment in the process of inner unfolding facilitates the understanding, at different levels and perceptions, of the immensity of the human soul.

If there is something good about Art Therapy that makes it so useful, it is that there is no good or bad. When exercises are proposed, what is sought is not the final result, the aesthetics of the piece. What art offers is the opportunity to pay attention to the process, to what happens to us while we create.

The possibility of practicing a non-focused attention to recognize thoughts, feelings, reactions and somatizations is something quite precious and scarce in these days, where it seems that haste rules.

When the person works within the process with Ayahuasca, his or her energetic field is expanded, more open, movement and changes, cleanliness, order and chaos are generated. The person can be more receptive to the symbolic language of art and artistic expression.

Here we understand artistic expression as any creative act free of judgment. When that act is materialized in some piece, through the exercise there is what I personally like to call symbolic activism.

This is a right of the soul.

When an exercise is proposed there are several layers that are acting, some of a more conscious level, which are those that facilitate the integration and understanding of the process and material that Ayahuasca is bringing to the surface of the psyche, and others of a more unconscious and subtle level, which we do not always realize or perceive, and that help in a very gentle way to strengthen the transmutation of the soul.

Actually, Art and Ayahuasca speak the same language. If we look at the traditions that work with this medicine, there are always, in relation to it, songs, music, patterns, designs, objects, drawings. Art, creativity, is something inherent to the natural existence that this and other medicines from all over the world represent.

There is a wonderful link between the natural and art, a link that sometimes we do not know how to perceive, so many layers that surround us and limit our understanding. When working with medicines that expand the consciousness these layers dissolve until we become more capable of perceiving what is beyond what seems to us to be a border. Because there are none.

In my time of experience with Ayahuasca and Art-therapy I have been able to observe how some people have discovered or expanded their creative facet through the intention, the symbolic charge, the creation and understanding of the inner symbolic world. Working with the power of intention in combination with the creative act can give fantastic results in relation to working with Ayahuasca.

photo by Irene Pérez
photo by Irene Pérez

And in relation to that, if there is something that for me really has a lot of value is empowerment. I understand Ayahuasca as a tool that can be very powerful when used with respect and commitment.

Personally, it helps me to sharpen my inner ear to hear my own voice, to listen to the wisdom that is in me, which, as in everyone, comes from very old. It helps me to remember that all the answers I seek are within me. It helps me to walk feeling responsible for my actions.

It reminds me that I am part of something immense and that this energy manifests itself through me, as it does through everyone. It teaches me to see that everything has medicine inside, everything. And above all, to laugh at myself and to love myself as I am.

The possibility of being able to create and transform the pieces of art we work with opens the door to personal power, to the symbolic and material manifestation of what we need to move forward. Thus, what emerges in the ceremonies is worked with the art and what emerges in the exercises is related to the ceremonies. Creating a reciprocal relationship between Ayahuasca and Art.

Art is another tool, like ayahuasca, that invites us to travel towards our inner landscapes, some so rich, others so desolate. Both medicines offer a safe container to face those deep fears that paralyze us, to relive the traumas that marked us, to experience ourselves and to heal.

For the Shipibo ethnic group, Ayahuasca is known as Uni. Uni is knowledge, understanding, wisdom, medicine. For me, Art is knowledge, understanding, wisdom, medicine.

I am beginning to change my conception about the concept of “medicine”. I am going to let go of the belief that it is only related to illness to link it to another concept: learning.

By learning we heal, by healing we learn, not only what concerns us in the present moment and in our history, but also what has preceded us in our lineage and in humanity, but this is a subject for another article.

To quote the master Kandinsky in closing, “the psychological force of color provokes a vibration of the soul. The elemental physical force is the way by which color reaches the soul”.

Jatibicho. Irake.[1]

[1] That’s all. Thank you.  Shipibo language.

photo by Irene Pérez
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The Universe Within Podcast

The Universe Within Podcast

I had the pleasure of participating in the fantastic podcast The Universe Within, with my dear friend Jason Grechanik. We met while working and living at The Temple of the Way of Light center in Peru. Working with him was always exciting and a pleasure to learn from his excellence and sense of humor.

Jason is doing fantastic work, generating spaces where knowledge is shared around topics such as master plant work, holistic health, martial arts, and ancestral cultures among other topics. In this way he gives voice to healers and doctors, guides, facilitators, anthropologists and an endless list of very interesting and expert people in their field of work.

I think his work is very important nowadays, as he disseminates high quality information on very interesting topics that sometimes are not available to everyone.

If you prefer to listen to the podcast you can do it here:

Apple :



Finally, I invite you to check out his work and if you feel inspired by it, to collaborate and support so that he can continue to make so much wisdom accessible:

Our conversation revolves around topics such as research, the integration process, dreams and archetypes.

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2nd World Ayahuasca Conference

2nd World Ayahuasca Conference

This is the presentation in one of the Psychology and Public Health panels of the 2nd World Ayahuasca Conference, held in Rio Branco, Brazil, in October 2016.

I was part of the team in the project  “The Shipibo Ceremonial Use of Ayahuasca to Promote Well-Being: An Observational Study”, lead by ICEERS Foundation in collaboration with The Beckley Foundation.  In the presentation  I talked about the preliminary results on the welbeing area : “The long-term effects in western consumers : Evidence to enrich the policy debate” .

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Trobades a la Jungla Urbana

Trobades a la Jungla Urbana February 2018

Trobades a la Jungla Urbana (Meetings in the Urban Jungle) has been an initiative promoted by the ICEERS Foundation as a space dedicated to the local community interested in psychoactive plants and related topics around them.

In February 2018 a meeting was held to talk about the role of women within the world of shamanism and for me it was an honor to be able to contribute my bit from afar with this video.


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MikeAdelic Podcast ​

Liberty · Psychedelics · Self-empowerment

I had the pleasure of meeting Mike Brancatelli while working in Peru at The Temple of the Way of Light.  Mike’s presence always made me smile and I was fascinated by his creative, honest and humble personality.

It was a lot of fun to record this podcast where we talked about dreams, art and master plants among other things.

Don’t hesitate to visit her webside and her work at if you are interested in new and inspiring points of view about the awakening of consciousness. If you like it share and if you can, support!


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Caring for the caregiver

Abril 2021

Caring, assisting, accompanying, treating….. all professions that involve individual and close treatment where the work is based on the relationship with others can lead to emotional and physical exhaustion, which is also known as “burn out”.

In all jobs that involve direct attention to people, a close relationship is created, which can be brief or even last for years, depending on the field. When the daily work is to take care of others, we may have to sustain complicated and even violent situations, we may have to deal with the projections that people may make towards us and our own projections on them, we may have to manage the needs and the energetic state with which the person comes to us.

When the weight of all this overwhelms us we enter into what is known as burn out. This can go hand in hand with periods of anxiety and stress that will have a negative impact on important aspects of health such as rest, food and relationships. Periods of adrenal fatigue can also be experienced, leading to almost apathetic states, where tiredness is such that there is not much energy left to devote to the things that we really enjoy and nourish us.

The attention to people is one of the most transversal areas at the work level: the educational and social sector, the health sector, the therapeutic field, the ngo sector, security forces, people who work with different energetic and corporal techniques, facilitators of transformation spaces and a long etcetera.

And the difficult situation that we have been living for a year has only aggravated it: we can see how the levels of emotional and physical  stress in many professionals are skyrocketing.

Being at service of others, caring, attending, treating, is a precious and very valuable job. That is why it is worthwhile to take care of those who care.

La Casa del Viento wants to be that space of care and rest for all those professionals who feel in a moment of difficulty, to offer them practical and effective tools for deep and honest work with the body and mind.

If you know someone who could benefit from it or if you found the reading interesting, please share in your  social networks!